What does a healthy relationship look like

When the relationship is healthy and we take care of it we do not feel like a chore, but like watering a flower that blooms
When is a relationship healthy and when not?

What are those traits that will let us know if our relationship is on the right track or if it's time to split up and look for our man elsewhere?

Features of a good relationship:

Not all relationships are the same, but a healthy relationship exists when two people form a bond between you based on the following:

Mutual Respect

Respect is the cornerstone of a relationship. It is especially important for both parties in a relationship to feel that their partner values ​​his or her values, beliefs and personality. In practical terms this means complimenting one another, such as for his work, and respecting his boundaries without negative comments that offend and upset him. There is always a nice way if we want to communicate something that concerns us.

Trust each other

Trust as it takes time to build but it can break down in a moment and is difficult to regain after a long time and will take a long time. It is a valuable asset and an essential component of any healthy relationship. Confidence means that the two companions are absolutely certain that the other will not do something that will hurt or betray them. This means that both man and woman will be able to do things without continuity with each other without fear and anxiety of possible infidelity. It also means that they can visit a friend or a friend respectively, or exchange friendly messages on their mobile. without the other making unexpected checks at regular intervals to see if we are kidding him or not.


Honesty means being true and open with our partner, and it requires feeling safe to share everything with them. In a healthy relationship we can do this without fear of being criticized or deceived by the other. This does not mean, of course, that we will like each other, but we must respond to the other in a measured and understanding manner. So they can both share honestly and without a second thought their wants and their thoughts, after all, that means a true relationship with our partner.


In a healthy relationship one is the support of the other. Both together a team and not a unit, a punch and not two fingers apart. We would say it in other words and reliability. As an example in a good relationship, in a possible disagreement one will not choose to oppose the other by choosing to defend the "opposing camp" but even if he disagrees with the other he will try to show the other side his reasoning by a point of view that the other may not have realized. But nevertheless with the feeling and behavior that they are allies in the same camp no matter what happens and can always count on each other. Support means actions not just words, one of the most obvious and important actions is to be faithful to one another.

Equality - Diversity

Equality does not mean that we are one and the same. It means in a nutshell that both members of a relationship share the same responsibilities and efforts for the well-being of the relationship. They should both feel equal in their relationships and in their decisions about life and in that relationship. At the same time, they should both be able to exist independently of each other at times such as being able to spend some time with their friends without necessarily having to cling to each other 24 hours a day.


The feeling that the other person is feeling and counting on you is unique and we only come across really good relationships that make us feel that the other is really counting on us and thinking about what he does and what we do.


The fact that we are a couple does not mean that personal responsibility ceases. Each is responsible for his actions and words. They both need to take their share of responsibility on both a practical and emotional level. For example, we should avoid saying things that hurt the other, and if that happens, take responsibility for our mistake and apologize sincerely.


While it's nice to keep the so-called "mystery" in a relationship to some degree, it is just as important to feel comfortable with the partner we chose to spend the rest of our lives with, otherwise what if one can't share with the other small daily beauties of life comfortable and without a second thought? As an example, even in sex, there must be intimacy on both sides to propose it to each other and start it, as well as to postpone it if the time is not right.

Most of the above features may seem self-evident and they really are. but it is important to keep them in mind and make sure they are not missing out on our relationship, as it too wants care like a flower to bloom. A healthy relationship certainly does not make us feel like it is a chore to take care of it, but it is our joy to look forward to seeing it grow day by day!

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