Tips for a happy relationship

Love is undoubtedly the most important aspect of life. Love plays a very important role in a relationship but in itself is not enough to ensure a successful and happy relationship.

In a couple, becoming trusted and beloved companions for each other is a process that requires time and effort. Here are some helpful tips on how to pursue this path that leads to a happy and harmonious relationship.

1. Relationships have their ups and downs

Even the biggest lovers have their good and bad days. It is not possible to sail to happiness on a daily basis. We should also be open to frustration, and use the negative moments as opportunities to get to know our partner even better and give him / her the chance to get to know us even more. A typical example is distance relationships. Distance can create friction. Positive attitudes and behaviors in any friction will lead to more happy paths and moments.

2. Understanding, acceptance and appreciation

Make sure you take the time and effort to better understand your partner. Be sure to find out what the other likes, and keep in mind that preferences may change over time. Accept each other and appreciate their actions. Two of the main components of a successful relationship are acceptance and appreciation. As an example, we cannot treat a fish as a dog nor expect a species to change at some point in its life. We need to recognize and accept each other for who we really are and not for what we would like each other to be. The right thing to do is to accept the other without friction as he has with his pros and cons.

3. Emphasize "us" not "you" or "me"

 By this we mean the general attitude in the relationship. When you refer to you or your partner as "us", you indirectly convey the message that the two of you together are a single entity. Both in our general behavior and in such simple words, we strengthen our bond with our partner even when not present. The "we" are an attitude of life, and research shows that relationship members who use the "we" more than the "me" and "you" tend to be happier.

4. Assessment
When we appreciate what our partner says and does, then it is certain that the relationship will flourish. Appreciation reduces negative emotions and makes us focus on the positives of our relationship. When we feel valued it is natural to convey that appreciation to one another, which in turn has a positive feedback on the relationship. This helps to avoid negative accidents from a daily negative routine and to prolong the relationship. rejuvenate the relationship, explore new places and experiences together, try new activities, make new acquaintances together and generally with the person we value and want to share life with, and do not miss the opportunity to express our appreciation in words and deeds on a daily basis.

5. Affection

To be loving and physical with our partner, to hold each other's hands, to kiss, to hug and even to scratch our backs shows in the most natural way compassion and love. It shows the interest they have in each other. Research shows that affection increases the secretion of aesthetic hormones, which improves mood and relieves stress.

6. Support

Since none of us are perfect and all of us make mistakes, the relationship will be much better when we treat our partner's mistakes in a positive light and with positive emotional support. It is common and easy to base our negatives on this, but it would be a good idea to talk to our partner about both the positive and the congratulatory comments.

7. Common objectives

When we work with our other half to achieve common goals, we feel even closer to each other and work harmoniously to achieve them. For example it is very nice to have the common goal of saving money for a vacation in a place where both of us really want to go together, and working all year long as a team to do it, with both of us on the edge of mind. aim to be together this summer and share the reward of our year-round efforts. What's more beautiful and positive about a relationship?

8. Communication

In both humans and animals, communication is an basic need but also a prerequisite for a successful relationship. Whats the point in being with someone if you don't communicate? However although it sounds easy and simple, it is the seemingly easy and simple things in life that fail in a relationship that does not work well. There are different forms of communication, it's spoken, it's written with a message on viber, it's an icon, it's a touch, it's not only what we say but also the way we say it. You prefer to communicate positively in a positive way, and by positive we mean talking positive about something you like and would like, rather than in a negative and negative way about something you don't like. There is a positive and a negative way for everything we want to communicate. Basically small everyday details like how to communicate are what make the difference in a relationship. Let's choose this one to be positive so that our relationship can be positive too!

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