How to win every argument in a relationship!

It is not a Clickbate (misleading title) but you are certainly not interested in winning every fight with your partner and humiliating them so that they remain silent in a corner feeling bad and humiliated,  wondering how it is possible that you are always right about each and every argument.

But you are interested in having as few arguments as possible. Especially when you feel that your significant other at least tries to understand you.

It is perfectly normal even in the best relationship between two people, whether erotic or just friendly, to sometimes disagree. After all, if we agreed on everything, I honestly think it would be boring at some point. Different perspectives are an opportunity to have a dialogue, get to know each other better and to see things from a different perspective that we may never have imagined.

According to psychologists specializing in human relations, the way a couple manages their disputes is largely responsible for whether or not the relationship will thrive or fail on the long run

No one ever wins in a fight if its really a fight.
Even if you want to break up! Think about it. Especially if you are interested in this person and want to be nice. From a fight, both members of a relationship almost always get hurt, angry, frustrated, and distanced from a relationship with anyone who makes them feel disrespected and misunderstood.

The only real way to never loose a fight

We pay attention to what we say to avoid quarrels:

The only way to never get lost in a fight is to avoid it. It is easy when we are emotionally charged and feel that the other is indifferent and does not understand us, but we must bear in mind that the tongue has no bones and no bones. We must not say things about which we can then regret. Even if we sincerely apologize afterwards, it is human to be bitter even if we forgive. Especially if we often lose our temper and this is a repetitive thing.

According to relationship experts, the golden rule for a healthy relationship is that when there is a problem, we should communicate it to our partner without naming his face. For example, if I am annoyed with a habit I will not tell him, you are indifferent, I will tell him that his behavior makes me feel as if he is not interested in me. When the one-on-one designations begin, the relationship ship has already begun to sink. A lot can go wrong in the day-to-day life of a relationship, and if you want to in life, however, as respect dies, so does the relationship.

Be mindful of how we how we talk 

90% of quarrels will be guaranteed to be avoided if you take care not to raise the tone of your voice. If it is not you who raise the tone but the other half, then when the spirits calm down speak and agree that both of them do not raise the tone of their voices to each other. It is certain that at some point one of the two will at some point be forgotten and escaped. We need to be sober to keep our temper and remind in a beautiful and non-ironic way that it has raised the tone of voice. To say it ironically is like saying the other fool and pouring oil on the fire. If you say it with love and sweetness, it's that much more disarming. As if the other is coming over you with a bazooka and you can raise your hands with a smile and say lets make love not war! Refuse the fight! If, however, he has escaped and does not say he respects the agreement, he proposed to continue the dialogue later in a calmer tone. And after he has calmed down, ask him what you can do to help him not raise his tone of voice again.

If we avoid raising the volume, we have avoided more than 50% of the negative effects of a fight. Voices are a vicious circle of negative psychology that both benefit you to avoid at all costs. When there is a will, even the worst habits change. The other 50% of the negative effects of a quarrel are those that arise from what is said and fired in order to hurt each other. As absurd as it sounds. And it's something that needs to be understood on both sides that it hurts your relationship and that if it does, it should stop.

Listen with understanding

In a heated disagreement, there are times when we feel desperate and nervous and the other side does not understand us. It is especially important to keepe in mind that the other side at the moment feels exactly the same about us. It's the definition of misunderstanding. What matters is that we do not raise tones and give the other person time to communicate what he or she has to say without interrupting and showing genuine interest in honestly trying to understand what he or she is trying to tell us. Whether we agree or not, we get the message that we are interested and that we are making every effort to understand his point of view. Equally important, of course, for both sides.

With these simple tips you will not only avoid wrangling directly, but slowly through the arguments you will build an even better relationship and feel each time you are even closer to each other!

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