Fortnite Chapter 2 event news , did a black hole really suck the servers?

Fortnite Chapter 2 aka Fortnite Season 11 not a technical issue!

Epic games is well knowν for organizing spectacular events every time the game changes Season. So rumors had it that this time the event would be even more spectacular since fortnite was about to change not just a season but an entire chapter.

The Fortnite Event

Everything was planned ahead in every detail. Although nobody knew what exactly was going to happen during the event, Epic games had shared clues that suggested the entire map would get sucked and playfully implied that this would be the end of days for the most popular games of all time (something that considering the worldwide commercial success of the game nobody really bought). But this is the first clue that suggests that the servers are not really down due to a technical issue.  It looks like this is part of a well organized and executed plan.

More clues that suggest that the Event does not suffer from technical issues

Many clues suggest that the black hole is intentional and everything is planned ahead: 

End of world title

Even the title suggests that this event is meant to make players wonder if its really the end of world for Fortnite! Obviously Epic wants to build up suspense and anticipation and has succeeded!

The event background

This is further verified by the event background that clearly is a teaser suggesting the end of the most popular games of all times!

The Black Hole fortnite mini game

Epic games has implemented a mini  game to play while waiting for the black hole to bring in life for the new Fortnite planet!  For sure they would not go that far if the black hope scene was meant to last only for a few seconds!

Fortnite event mini-game activation code

In order to activate the mini-game all you have to do is press: UP,UP,DOWN,DOWN,LEFT,RIGHT,LEFT,RIGHT,O,X,START(OR ENTER) and voila! Its not really the end of world! Its a well planned and organized event and everything is going according to the plan!

Fortnite's youtube channel's three dots

Everyone who visits Fortnite's official youtube channel will be baffled as Epic games has removed any description from the live streaming event and what is left are just three dots. Further adding to the mystery and building even more anticipation!

Fortnite event Instagram photo

The image that Epic games share on Instagram regarding the event, is obviously a teaser. Fortnite is clearly trolling us! :-)

Fortnite end of world Chapter 2 event Conclusion

So did fortnite chapter 2 event really gone wrong?

I really dont think so. Dont worry dear fellow Fortnite lovers. Obviously this is not the end of world for Fornite rather than a well planned event, that also gives time to epic games to make all the required changes to their servers in order to bring us something really new and fresh. 

When will Chapter 2 event be over?

Nobody really knows how long it will take, so all we can do is sit back, relax and enjoy that Fortnite is going to bring us! Alrighty then! See you online playing the brand new fortnite, hopefully sometime soon! Until then have patience and take care!

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