The rooster can continue to cry every morning, according to the French court!

In a bizarre litigation, the French court dismissed complaints made by neighbors who were bothered by a neighbor's rooster waking them up every morning and ruled that morning cleaning was legal. It is unknown what the neighbors were trying to do with Fesseau's lawsuit over his cock, but the rooster can now cry in the morning and keep the annoyed neighbors with the law-abiding neighbor.

"I'm dumb, we sold them out!" Fesseau commented excitedly outside the courtroom. “It's a victory for nature and for everyone in my position. I hope everyone is informed about this and that everyone knows how protected by the law. I wish there was a law that would protect all the natural sounds of the countryside. "

The litigation lasted two years, two retired farmers who had a second home on the island claimed that Fesseau's cock had a peculiarly unnatural cramp in the morning causing disturbance of the common peace!

Their demand for the bird to be silenced despite its nature has sparked backlash and a bird-friendly movement to cry in the morning.

The ruling of French justice has become symbolic, symbolizing the conflict between those who live in the countryside and have animals and those who come from the city visit the countryside while maintaining a holiday home there.

In 1995, faced with a similar case, the French court issued a death sentence for a rooster, but an appeal was lodged and French justice ruled that it was impossible to train roosters and hens to quit and said word for word:

"Chicken is a stupid animal, so stupid that no one has been able to train it, nor do the Chinese circuses. So it is against its nature but also inappropriate to ask a chicken not to roast. "

Fesseau's line of defense was that the rooster's morning cracking was not an abnormal sound. On the contrary, the Attorney at Law has argued that loud music, car hitting, dog barking, hen barking are noise pollution.

Bruno Dionis, a retired farmer who is a mayor in a small village in the northwest of France, has suggested that the French government should seek to declare any animal sound as part of France's cultural heritage as a solution to stop such complaints. give the animals protection status.

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