The new Android 10 has arrived!

It is already available for Google Pixel handsets already yesterday. The name of the new Android operating system is officially Android 10 by simplifying the nomenclature to make Google versions of its global operating system easy to understand around the world.

The new operating system brings us many new features that Google detailed in the official Android 10 website

Android 10 Features
Live Caption

It allows us to easily record automatic videos, audio messages, and even things we record ourselves without the need for wifi or mobile data.

Smart Reply

The new functionality not only offers us answers to messages but also offers actions, such as routes via Google Map.

Sound Amplifier

With the audio enhancement feature, our device can enhance the sound, filter out the noises and refine the listening experience.

Gesture Navigation

Gestures are faster and more functional, offering easy and instant switching of applications on the screen with simple gestures.

Dark theme

One of the most beautiful features of the new Android that will at the same time improve battery life.

Focus mode

With the focus mode, we can pause applications so we can focus on whatever function we want.

Family link

Adding digital rules and boundaries to the family helping children with guidance while online. Very handy feature including screen time limit, application activity control, application management and content restrictions, as well as the ability to track where children are.

The new version of the operating system does not stop there, but it includes numerous improvements to almost every feature as well as security enhancements and looks so forward it will support even mobile phones that have a folding screen.

Android bubbles will enhance the multitasking feature with a chat function similar to the one we saw on facebook messenger.

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