The Impact of Junk Food on our mood

Diet as it is known affects our appearance, our health and well-being. What is not well known, or what we do not realize, is that diet affects our mood. We know this in depth from personal experience, and this is confirmed by research.

Lack of specific nutrients can cause anger and confusion. But the same effects are caused by over-intake of some other ingredients. Proper nutrition has been shown to help our emotional stability while being remarkable also improves our intelligence.

When sugar levels rise sharply due to malnutrition, this momentarily has a pleasant effect on our mood as it aids in the secretion of pleasure-inducing serotonin. But the sharp rise in sugar is followed by a sharp decline, and this causes a storm of intense hormonal instability that sabotages our mood

A researcher, Robert McCarrison, conducted an experiment to investigate the effects of Junk Food. Feed dogs with Junk Food (that is, in other words with food containing artificial ingredients, large amounts of sugar and hydrogenated fats) and found that dogs who ate this food were irritable, malnourished and tended to scratch and bite. Doing the same experiment at a school gave a particular class healthy food for two weeks. As a result, these pupils increased their performance at school and at the same time showed much better mood and calm behavior.

Sugar, unhealthy snacks and Junk Food in general reduce self-concentration as well as memory functionality. On the contrary, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, eggs, fish, nuts improve the concentration and overall functioning of the brain.

Mood changes, the tendency for anxiety and anxiety, and even depression can be caused by a wrong diet. Magnesium, the unsaturated fatty acids from the Omega-3 group, the vitamin B complex, are responsible for good mood as they regulate the activity of the nervous system. Thus, a diet that lacks the sources of the above ingredients, increases the risk of malnutrition and can even cause depression.

On the contrary, healthy eating, in addition to significantly improving our health, has proven to improve our mood!

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