shelfie of Nasa's curioucity robot on Mars

Nasa on Mars In search of extraterrestrial life

Nasa's robot-ship using nuclear power has the ability to cover long distances on Mars, exploring methodically every aspect of our nearby planet. Nearby we mean only 3 years road.

One of the analyzes he makes is methane levels, as it has been found that where there are high concentrations of methane, there is usually life. The living are the main way of producing Methane in Nature but it is not the only one as it is possible for Methane to be produced by nature's chemicals as well.

For years humanity has put Mars on the microscope as well as on the telescope, and methane concentrations have been observed in the past, but sporadically and without following a pattern that reveals signs of life. Also, never before has such a large amount been discovered as the discovery of Nasa's Curiosity robot vehicle.

Selfie by the Curiosity robot on Mars

Following this discovery, Nasa decided to extend the vehicle's stay in the crater in which it is located in order to explore the origin of this large amount of Methane and to exhaust any search for extraterrestrial life on the planet.

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