Samsung did it again with the Galaxy Note 10+ Display, but do we really care?

Ever since Apple first introduced retina display screens, manufacturers have focused their efforts on improving the display technology of their screens and have been in a crazy race with each other.

Eventually the Oled screen prevailed on expensive mobile phones, which does not mean that Lcd technology is still unused in the most economical category. According to the market, the new Note 10+ has once again set the bar even higher, but never again has such a great technological development left the market so indifferent.

Truth beyond a point the human eye is unable to see the difference, in particular from a cell phone that manages and squeezes into its very small screen a 3K resolution how much difference can one observe when this resolution goes up to 4K? Probably none. The picture in both cases will be just perfect, but from one point and beyond the human eye it is impossible to see the difference and even for most of us, this point is at an even lower resolution!

But the market is fed by upgrades, and wants to discover something new and improve products every time, and so now that the higher resolution race seems to be over, the debate over when the refresh time will go up on mobile screens begins. , from 60hz to 90hz, 120hz and more.

How useful these improvements are to each of us is a matter of personal need and taste, but the fact remains that the evolution of technology on the subject of mobile phones has reached such a point that it will hardly disappoint any model, any user! Personally, I'm still trying to digest how this small device can have more resolution than television, and I'm trying to figure out the logic of the thing whether it's really useful or not. However one technological advance is pushing the other, it's time for new television; (I missed it because I am fortunate to not see it)!

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