Relationship traps that every couple wants to avoid

Couples who have a healthy relationship know that chemistry is good but that alone is not enough to sustain a relationship and improve day by day like the good old ripening wine. There are times when things run smoothly and idly by themselves without any effort, but we all know that there are days when both sides will have to make an effort to move forward in a positive way. And make every effort to avoid the following pitfalls:

1. Do not lose their self-control and respect for each other
Anger is certainly a human emotion and perfectly normal, but successful relationships by all means avoid the explosions over which we often say things we sometimes do not mean to hurt one another on our nerves.

It is noteworthy that a specialist human relations researcher was able to predict accurately over 95% which of the couples taking part in the research would divide and which would not, based on observations made in the way they quarreled .

In those relationships that lack self-esteem and respect, where both sides defy the slightest and show contempt and disrespect for their partners on their nerves, there is a high likelihood of separation. After all, if we think about it, even if a couple does not fall into such a relationship, it is not the ideal relationship to find, for either one or the other. Yes to the disagreements, but in the right contexts.

2. Take care not to betray and lose the confidence they have in each other.
Relationship without trust is not only impossible in the long run but has proven to be literally unhealthy due to the stress it causes. Trust is something valuable and invaluable in a relationship, it is built on a daily basis and can, however, be shattered by our inattention at the moment. Every happy couple knows very well that trust is one of the key foundations of a happy and healthy relationship that they enjoy and care for.

3. They never use sex as a weapon in their skirmishes
Using sex as a lever for extortion pressure to get past "ours" whether we are right in any disagreement or not, diminishes both our relationship with ourselves and creates such bitterness and distance that it is difficult to correct afterwards. Some things are sacred and are not negotiable.

4. They do not create emotional distance from each other
Certainly in each fight one of the two sides or even both of them may then want its time to calm down. But this is another blackmailing use of the emotional wall, where we deliberately hold each other at a cold emotional distance with the ultimate goal of feeling so bad that he is forced to give up on whatever has caused some wrangling.

In a relationship it is normal at other times to feel as close as one another, and at other times not to feel so close. But it is another thing to deliberately erect a wall for a long time. Ultimately this creates distancing and shakes the foundations and in every respect the relationship. After each fight, both sides need to make sure that each other approaches each other differently if there is always only one left to try, then the other, whether deliberately or not, sends a very different message that will eventually fade into the relationship. ...

Often while we love our relationship, we tend to behave in ways that do not suit the emotions we feed on each other. So let's keep in mind that even the best relationship needs to be on guard, and let's not fall into the traps above to ensure that we will always have a happy and healthy relationship with the person we love.

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