Intel puts in the battle the new generation of Cascade-Lake-X processors

Cascade-Lake-X with double the price for the price

Intel seeks to shake hands and lose ground by throwing the new Cascade-Lake-X processor into battle, promising to double its price point over its previous generation Skylake-X and deliver better cost performance. compared to their competition AMD threadripper.

It has not released the specifications of the new processors, but knowing that technology has not changed and remains at 0.14mm we can assume that the new generation of intel processors will have a slight increase in performance, and a generous drop in prices in order to disturb the waters and have a competitive advantage.

What we know for sure is that they will be supported on socket LGA 2066 and compatible with native Intel x299. He confirmed that the new processors will be coming out in October, so be patient and we will know exactly the specifications of the new processors and, most importantly, their promising price.

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