A beautiful story in the mountainous Italian countryside with books and children that would never have been possible if a retired teacher in Italy did not love to pass on knowledge to children. Even after 42 years of teaching, he felt that it was not enough to give children what he wanted.

 As Antonio la Cava typically says, he felt that children were increasingly moving away from books, that school was often repulsed by reading, and that he needed to do more to impart love for reading to children.

So he made the decision and bought an old three wheeler, rebuilt it, painted it with love and care into a beautiful mobile library with a bow and crosses the Italian villages around Naples and Naples every week and all the time. love for books for all children.

The automotive bookstore works just like a library, Antonio la Cava explains. "I go to villages with under a thousand residents who don't have access to bookstores, and very often not even the internet, the kids pick a book, and when I come back after a month in the same village they come back and pick another one.

In addition to the classic books, it has over 200 "white books" to enhance children's creativity. In the white books, every child, after reading the story that someone else started, writes its sequel, or if it prefers to start a new one.

So Antonio's bookstore is more than just a library, it's a mobile library that travels to children's souls in every remote village, expanding their knowledge, while giving all children the opportunity to express and enhance their creativity by the most beautiful way.

A story with a happy ending

The mobile library, the bookstore of the eternal teacher Antonio, is a moving proof that where there is love and passion, there is a way. She has accomplished what she wanted and every time she reaches the villages, once the characteristic horn of the three-wheeled graphic library is heard, the children rush out onto the street and the books are snapped. Antonio states happy as he says characteristically and with a slow articulation to emphasize his words: "I did not want to agonize over living in a country of people who do not love reading and especially our children"

He certainly did it in the most beautiful way, and his story inspires everyone!

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