If you live in the city, there is a 40% chance that you suffer from vitamin D3 deficiency!

Many people are suffering from vitamin D3 deficiency without knowing it
According to recent research, although the body can easily synthesize vitamin D3 by simply exposing it to the sun even if it does not absorb it adequately from its diet, modern city life and even more indoor working conditions away from Sun rays result in over 40% of the general population suffering from a deficiency of such important vitamin.

Unfortunately, this has only recently begun to be widely understood, and as you have seen from personal experience there are few doctors who will suggest you take a test to see if you have such an important vitamin.

It will look weird to you but unfortunately these are pleasant news! Yes because this means that you can very easily explain why while all your tests are good, you are feeling any of the following symptoms and you can easily request that particular examination from your doctor and by taking vitamin D3 to stop them. forever and soon feel day by day (it takes some days to return to normal) and again perfectly healthy!

Symptoms of Vitamin D3 Deficiency
 1 Common illnesses and infections

    One of the main roles of vitamin D3 is to keep our immune system strong (it's no coincidence from the ancient times that the sun is health). If you find yourself grabbing any cold that circulates around you, then vitamin D3 deficiency may be the cause.

2. Exhaustion and fatigue

   Severe fatigue can have many causes and a lack of vitamin D3 can cause these symptoms, and it can be very severe. It is useful to know that even a small deviation from the right vitamin levels in our body can cause such symptoms.

Characteristic is a study that showed that women who had D3 levels above 30ng / ml were much less likely to complain of fatigue symptoms than women who had D3 levels above the minimum threshold of 20 ng / ml but below 30 ng / ml. The tragic irony of this research was the fact that 89% of the nurses in the study were found to be deficient in this vitamin. Huge percentage ...

3. Pain in the back and bones and loss of bone mass

  As D3 preserves bone health by improving calcium absorption, long-term deficiency causes bone pain and low back pain. A study of 9,000 women found that those who lacked vitamin D3 were twice as likely to suffer back, side and joint pain as women who had normal vitamin D3 levels.

4. Depression

  One of the most serious symptoms of vitamin D3 deficiency is depression. This shows us how much vitamin A is absolutely necessary for the body in every respect. It is no coincidence that the Mediterranean peoples have lower suicide rates than the north.

5. Slow wound healing.

   There are of course other causes that can cause this, such as diabetes, but slow wound healing has been found to be associated with low levels of vitamin D3

6. Hair loss.

  Often hair loss is a symptom of stress. But when the losses are significant, we often notice a lack of nutrients. Hair loss in women has been linked to vitamin D3 but there are few studies to date. In some cases, hair loss has been cured by the application of a synthetic form of vitamin D3 to people who have a problem with the vitamin D receptor. We see that in this case, the spread was the only solution, and that shows that it is not enough for the doctor to write the test to get the vitamin in a more correct and responsible way, while improving both our diet and by adding walking to our lives) but it is advisable to repeat the test after the end of the "cure" to ensure that our body is able to absorb that vitamin.

Vitamin D3 intake

In any case, it is important to know that because of our modern lifestyle and diet, we often suffer without perhaps realizing it, and as far as the lack of the body is concerned, it is now known that almost half of the city's population suffers from symptoms that are associated with low levels of this much needed vitamin. The lesson we have learned from the lack of vitamin D3 is that it is enough to pay more attention to our diet than in the past to ensure that we feel and are perfectly healthy.

If your symptoms are similar to the above, ask your doctor for a review and the news is pleasant, as you can easily and quickly raise your vitamin D3 levels, boost your energy levels again, improve mood and feel perfect again.

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