Huawe Mate 30 and Google Applications

Huawe Mate 30 and Google Applications

Huawe usually releases the new Mate version every fall and always up to date with great success and sales.

The trade war between China and America is well underway.
The US president has imposed an embargo on Huawe forbidding her from accessing Google applications, claiming that China is spying on Huawe. Until today, the embargo is still in place and there is no immediate solution for Huawe until the new Mate 30 comes out.

However before rushing to panic with those who already have a huawei phone, this embargo applies to its new mobile phones, while the old ones will continue to have Google apps and access to Google Apps as usual.

But the same is not true for the new devices of the company that may need to launch for the first time a device that does not include apps and will not have access to the Google Store. This is hardly of any concern to the Chinese as it is the only country in the world that does not use Google at all (as they are already the first to embargo its products on the Chinese market, and they are not the only ones). For example in China Only a small percentage of the 1% use Google Chrome, but also in a censored version. For example, facebook is completely banned.

Google Apps

As a result, Huwae will have no issue in the domestic market, but on the world market this embargo is expected to pose a huge problem, as will be seen from the sales of the new Huawe Mate model which appears to be released with applications made by itself. Huawei and will be completely missing Google Apps such as Gmail, Google Maps, Play Sotre, Eco system

So if you're planning on buying a new phone, it's good to keep in mind that unlike China, both we and the rest of Europe and the US market, we use Google apps 99% if not more!

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