Samsung re-designed Galaxy Fold

Initially, Samsing's intention was to launch the Galaxy Fold for several months. But various failures in the material of the revolutionary mobile have forced her to delay the release and redesign the original design of the retractable mobile. It is not yet known when the Galaxy Fold will finally be released.

Samsung hopes that with the Galaxy Fold it will rekindle the interest of the buying public in the mobile phone market with this revolutionary but as it turns out to be very difficult to implement, the folding mobile.

A striking example of how innovative this technology is and how unprepared it is not only for Samsung to make it but for the buying public, is that some users removed the protective cellophane from the screen, but it was not protective cellophane as they were used to by classics. new mobile, but an integral part of the ability to fold the screen. Of course this resulted in its destruction. Samsung has already corrected this defect by making the film even bigger and folding it from the back of the phone so that its notches are visible.

In addition to redesigning the membrane, it has made many other improvements over the original trial version after careful recording of the observations of the audience who first tried the revolutionary Samsung Galaxy Fold. Anyone who likes the device and finds it practical to fold, should know that the price calculated by Samsing to get the Samsung Galaxy Fold is around 1800 €

The amount is, of course, unreal, which is reasonable for a revolutionary technology at an early stage and is expected to drop when other competitors make similar mobiles. But this is unlikely in the near future as Huawei, which announced a similar handset shortly after Samsung, seems to have frozen all such activity and focused on the problems it faces after sanctions imposed by the US

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