Apple under pressure about iPhone Factory

Reportedly, Foxconn workers are not receiving their bonuses while being forced to work overtime and at the same time more than 10% of employees are not permanent employees but work on a contract basis.

The law in China stipulates that non-permanent employees can make up to 10% of the total number of employees. Apple acknowledged that the number of non-employees exceeded the permitted number, but flatly denied the other charges.

The China Labor Watch claims that a team member has spent more than four years at the Zhengzhou factory and that more than half of its staff consists of non-permanent employees, some of whom are mere students and do not receive the training. bonuses assigned to them and promised by the employer.

Apple issued a statement saying, "We have confirmed that all employees have been adequately compensated, including overtime and bonuses; any overtime has been voluntary and no compulsory work has been found."

Foxconn manufactures iPhone mobile phones as well as other companies' electronic devices.

This particular reference to working conditions at the iPhone factory has made its way around China through China's famous Weibo platform. Many Chinese view Apple's responsibility as not Foxconn's, while others hold Chinese labor law responsible.

At the same time, there is a campaign in China inviting the Chinese to buy home-made products, but most in China reportedly prefer to buy a Huawei 100% Chinese product anyway.

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