Amazon the last natural big lung on the planet

Amazon - probably the last big lung on the planet
Worldwide alarm has been set to rescue the Amazon as to date, over 75,000 fires have been reported in Brazilian forests, most of them in the Amazon. Environmentalists point out that fires have increased dramatically by more than 80% since last year, affecting the entire planet, as the Amazon with its precious endless forests acts as a natural lung-filtering planet for its dioxide. carbon.

The president of Brazil's Bolsonaro, is considered by the world community to be the moral instigator of the disaster, and with his anti-ecological rhetoric and his utter apathy to take action to manage the environmental crisis has caused a major natural disaster.

Characteristic of the seriousness of the situation is that the international community, and in particular through the G7, characterized the "international crisis" as the situation in the Amazon and decided to immediately dispatch international aid to extinguish the fires, which Boulsonaro denied on the pretext that the president of France, who hinted that Bolsonaro was mocking the international community for his commitments to protect the environment.

However, the general international outcry seems to be producing even delayed results, as Bolsonaro, who until yesterday refused to accept the help of his country from the international community, late last night accepted aid from England and then said he was it also receives additional assistance from the international community if the financial resources and equipment are managed by the Brazilian government. It also ended its complete inaction, and ordered 44,000 troops to be mobilized as additional aid to extinguish the fires.

Aid to Brazil has also been rushed by ordinary citizens, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, known for his sensitivity to the global environmental catastrophe, donating $ 5m to extinguish fires in the Amazon.

It is comforting that the leaders of the seven most powerful economies in the G7 are pushing and doing everything they can to help quench the fires in the Amazon that choke one of the world's last and largest lungs.

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