96-year-old Ray Woolley delivers the message of physical exercise in a way that is beyond dispute.
Ray Woolley celebrated his birthday by diving on a shipwreck in Cyprus. The English veteran of World War II living in Cyprus reached a depth of 42 meters and diving lasted 48 minutes.

After the dive, he said he was excited to dive for 59 years and that dives like this remain deeply engraved in his memory as he had 47 other divers who dived with him. He says he is determined to repeat the diving and the time, if he can even if his friends still want to dive with him.

Diving was organized by the City Hall of Larnaca in collaboration with the Tourism Department of the city, celebrating the achievement of its citizen and thus passing a beautiful message of life, that the only one who can set limits on what we can and cannot do it is age but it is only ourselves and our health. So let's take care of it!

Ray Woolley himself states in part how he feels about himself and that he flatly refuses to accept that he is getting older.

According to experts, 30 minutes of physical activity a day shields our health from diseases such as diabetes, kidney failure, cancer and cardiopulmonary problems and gives us a healthy feeling of well-being and energy!

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