30 minutes of daily physical activity is enough to keep you healthy and feel great

Physical activity at regular intervals enhances and shields our health in many ways and from almost all diseases. See how 30 minutes of exercise a day - even walking, can help you be and feel much better both physically and mentally.

Exercise filters our mood
"Healthy Mind in Healthy Body"

When we exercise our body on a regular basis, we are also relieved of stress, depression and anger. Immediately after physical activity, we feel a strong sense of well-being, a way for the body to thank us for the good we have done, and to get the message across on a regular basis to feel more and more beautiful. Our body needs it and tells us it in its own way, even making our mood.

Exercise keeps us in shape
"We don't stop moving because we get older, but we get older because we stop moving"

If we do not exercise regularly, the body gradually goes into inertia resulting in the loss of our strength and endurance, which affects all of our daily activities and makes us feel tired permanently. Even a small but regular physical activity gives us strength and helps us to carry out all the activities of every day.

Quality and quantity of life
Today the 70's are that they were once 50's, but only for those who maintain a minimal amount of physical activity that allows them to stay healthy. Doctors recommend at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week, we can comfortably do just 30 minutes of physical activity a day, it is easy and gives life and wellness!

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